Elderly Care Service

Caring them for you

 JAGRUTI FOUNDATION eases your strain by offering at home service which covers all aspects of elderly care and beyond.


Ensuring on time meals as prescribed.


Giving and keeping track of medicines.


Toileting and cleaning of wounds etc.


Helping with movements and exercises.

What is Homecare/Patient care service

Home care service is allowed as per requirement of needy person(Elder person or patient) in their home for the caring then in that situation when there is no one in family of Elder person or patient to care them, Sometime all family member happen busy for their job/work they cant expend their time with elder person or patient .Then they feel requirement for a staff who can help them in their work like as sponging, bathing movement, medicine, vital checking etc. So as per this types requirement we Improve quality of staff by their training like as 

About jagruti staff

Firstly Jagruti foundation’s field team search to youth candidate who have need of employment after that we arrange one month theory class of where we teach some topic- related their work and after one month we send staff to private hospital for the practice with patient in the supervision of doctor after six month. Jagruti foundation called “Nursing assistant ” or General duty Assistant “staff to them. Jagruti foundation Arrange a Exam paper and pass out student are select for the Homecare of Patient care Service.

Study Knowledge for the Caring to Elderly person/Patient

  • Vital sign (Blood pressure, Pulse, Respiration, Temperature) and sugar checking
  • Personal Hygiene , Elderly care (Bathing/Sponging, Movement, changing clothes Nail/Nair care, Back care, Mouth care). 
  •  Enema, Insulin Injection,, Bedpan, Dossing/Medicine(as per their doctor) ,Inhalation, Oxygen Administration . Feeding .
  • Bed making, position and Movement 
  • First aid of the Wounds, Fracture, Fever, Burn, Foreign body, Animal bite .
  • Care of Bedsore, Catheter, viggo ,Dressing and bandaging ,
  • Bio Medical Waste, Specimen Collection ,Hand wash 
  • Hot and Cold Application ,Digestive , Respiratory ,Blood circulatory etc Systems. 

We Provide Staff for the Patient care or Elderly care Service in their home to support Elderly person or patient in their work of daily routine. Our service is given below

1-Patient or Elderly’ person’s  Feeding ,

2-Medicine as per their doctor or Family.

3-Patient or Elderly’ person’s  Bathing, Sponging, Changing clothes ,

4-Nail care,  Hair care , Couth care .

5-Patient or Elderly’ person’s  Movement, Walking ,

6-Patient or Elderly’ person’s  Changing dipper , Giving Bedpan, Emptying Urine bag. 

7-Patient or Elderly’ person’s  cleaning and caring  Catheter, Vigo, Ryle’s tube .

We Provide Staff for the-

  • Elderly care
  • Patient care
  • Baby care

Our Service Duration is-

  • 8hrs
  • 10hrs
  • 24hrs

Staff Available –

  • Male
  • Female

Other Services :-

 1- Inserting  Catheter 

2- Inserting Ryle’s tube 

 3- Inserting Viggo 

 4- Injecting  

Note —- For above service we provide other trained staff (ANM,GNM,OT technician etc )

Companion for your parents

In today’s era where every couple of person is working it becomes a bit strenuous to complete attention to the beloved senior home care services. You can opt for Curodoc’s elderly care service at home and delight them with care they deserve.

Our attendants not just look after the elder only at home but they are also flexible in assisting the needful to the doctor, clinic or wherever the situation demands.



Jagruti is a skilling learning, providing Employment and Caring to Elderly person organization created to improve the quality of education and Employment in India. Jagruti focuses on hight quality of the needy/poor children/youth for their education and enrolment in low cost of education system. Established in 2021 to provide education to children in the slums & ruler of lucknow (U.P)  and we are  caring to elderly person or patient in their home.

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