Tailoring is the art of designing, cutting, fitting, and finishing clothes. Mostly females are more interested for the learning to this course.But the females can’t go to far from their home to learning tailoring ,So in this situation Jagruti Foundation opens Tailoring training center in that area where she can comes Easly . Our Tailoring course are free of cost except form and certification charges. In the training period our trainer provide knowledge to Making Many types Ladies dresses (suit, salwar , Frock, palazzo , skirt designer sari etc ) , Mens dresses (shirts ,pants, touser ) , Kids dresses etc.

General Duty Assistant

General Duty Assistants are the healthcare professionals who ensure that immediate medical attention and timely assistance are provided to patients in hospitals, clinics, and old age homes. The responsibilities of a GDA are to ensure that those under their care receive timely medication, assist in daily routines and tasks that some patients will not be able to perform themselves, and also help maintain a suitable environment for a patient’s recovery.

Computer course

The need for computer learning has been met with a large number of courses a potential student can take in order to achieve greater familiarity with evolving hardware and software. By the Computer Course , All students are getting best official jobs and highest salary. there are many types Computer courses and duration is different of all courses too.

Parlour training

Beauty is the gift of god and transmitted from one to the other generation. The beauty parlour shop is the need of every age of men women and children famours poet keats defined the word beauty as : ” A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: Beauty parlour is a very important shop to make the people good looking by application of cosmetics treatment of hair and nourishment of skin by various methods . Life style is fast changing in the modern era and the women have become more conscious about their make up the status of women has improved a lot and is improving further . This has resulted in their life style changing. Also their economic independence encourages them to resort this type of services.



Jagruti is a skilling learning, providing Employment and Caring to Elderly person organization created to improve the quality of education and Employment in India. Jagruti focuses on hight quality of the needy/poor children/youth for their education and enrolment in low cost of education system. Established in 2021 to provide education to children in the slums & ruler of lucknow (U.P)  and we are  caring to elderly person or patient in their home.

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